A closer look at Grab’s chain of command

A closer look at Grab’s chain of command 2

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It was perfect timing to scrutinize Grab’s internal structure just before the company made its stock market debut. The public responded really well to our first org chart – some of them may be curious about how Grab arranges its resources.

However, company structures tell a bigger story. They define the firm’s priorities and how decisions are made within a chain of command. Many companies sell this short, and their structures just grow organically without much planning.

As we are confronting a crisis like no other, company structures can give a firm’s leadership an easier time to determine which channels it should keep and which ones could be cut short – without disturbing the organization’s overall flow. While remote work is drawn out, clear company structures will lead to better performance monitoring and, for some firms, hybrid designs.

That said, we will expand this type of visual on our platform and examine the organizational structures of other leading companies in the region. For now, you can check out our version of Grab’s org chart and what it says about the company’s priorities.

— Budi Sutrisno, journalist at Tech in Asia



A closer look at Grab’s chain of command 3

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A closer look at Grab’s chain of command 4

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Jakarta, Indonesia IDR 13,000,000 – 20,000,000


Legal Content Developer at Hukumonline
Jakarta, Indonesia


IT Security Specialist at Cindrum
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A closer look at Grab’s chain of command 5

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