OneDrive is perfect for M1 now, Windows 11 gets an incredible feature, Google’s favorite extensions, and more

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December 9, 2021

OneDrive is perfect for M1 now, Windows 11 gets an incredible feature, Google's favorite extensions, and more 1

If you’ve been using Dropbox on an M1 Mac (like me), then you’re probably tired of how it eats away at battery life. Dropbox still hasn’t released a native Apple Silicon version of its desktop app, meaning that it needs to run through Apple’s taxing Rosetta 2 compatibility layer as it constantly uploads, downloads, and updates files.

But maybe it’s time to forget about Dropbox. Microsoft just launched a native Apple Silicon version of its OneDrive desktop app, offering significant speed and battery improvements that make it the best alternative to iCloud on macOS. Check out the top story to learn more!

Other Highlights:

  • Roku was supposed to lose YouTube today, but something changed.
  • Those Sony speakers that go around your neck? We reviewed one, and judging by how things went, I don’t think Sony will send us another.
  • Hyundai’s new Ioniq 5 EV has an incredible range, and I’m not just talking about the expensive, high-end models.
  • Microsoft quietly released a new Windows 11 feature, but it deserves a ton of fanfare. Like, really.
  • … and MORE!


OneDrive Is Now the Best iCloud Alternative for Mac Users, Here’s Why

Microsoft is now offering Mac users a pre-release build of OneDrive for Apple Silicon. The ARM-based application runs faster and more efficiently on M1 devices than previous OneDrive releases, and funny enough, it makes OneDrive the best iCloud alternative on macOS. Read More »

Microsoft Goes Hands-Free With an Insane Windows 11 Feature

The latest Windows 11 Insider build (version 22518) includes a ton of new features, including a daily wallpaper tool, an awful widgets button that eats up the taskbar, and to our surprise, an advanced hands-free control system called Voice Access. Read More »

The Best Chrome Extensions of 2021, According to Google

Ready to improve your browsing experience? Google just published its favorite Chrome extensions of 2021, including some extensions dedicated to productivity, shopping, and education. Whether you’re working at an office or chilling at home, these are the Chrome extensions worth trying. Read More »

Hyundai Teases Ioniq 5 EV’s Impressive EPA Range Ahead of U.S. Release

Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 EV has been a long time coming, and it just cleared one of the final hurdles ahead of its U.S. debut. Just as promised back during the initial unveiling, this week the company announced its electric SUV received an official EPA rating of just over 300-miles per charge on the base model. Read More »

Your Roku Won’t Lose YouTube After All … For Now

And just like that, the feud ends. Roku says it will keep YouTube and YouTube TV on its platform thanks to a “multi-year” agreement with Google. The YouTube app was set to leave Roku on December 9th, and YouTube TV sorta disappeared from Roku streaming sticks and smart TVs earlier this year. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE With an Apple AirTag, You’ll Always Know Where Your Valued Items Are
With an Apple AirTag, You'll Always Know Where Your Valued Items Are

If you’re always losing things—like your keys, wallet, or bag—a tracker can help you keep better track of them and even help you find them if you do lose them. If you’re a fan of Apple’s gear, check out the AirTag, which uses Bluetooth LE and Ultra-Wideband technology to lead you right to your lost items via the encrypted Find My network. It takes just one quick tap to set up the AirTag with your connected Apple device, plus you can use Siri to help you locate the AirTag, and the tracker’s built-in speaker will play a sound to help guide you to it.

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