Tesla copies other EVs, SteelSeries keyboard review, PlayStation Game Pass, and more

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December 4, 2021

Tesla copies other EVs, SteelSeries keyboard review, PlayStation Game Pass, and more 1

The Tesla Cybertruck. It’s undoubtedly a unique-looking vehicle, the kind of visage you’ll either love or hate. But there’s probably no in-between. But you know what else I’d call the Cybertruck besides “unique” (cough, ugly, cough)? Incomplete. And not just because Elon Musk already admitted Tesla planned to change the design after taking pre-orders.

No, now Tesla is just playing catch up and copying features found on other EV trucks. Don’t believe me? Check out the top story for the details.

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Why You Should Use a Webcam Cover

Unless you’re using a desktop computer and haven’t hooked up an external webcam, there’s a good chance the device you’re reading this post on has some sort of front-facing camera. If you’ve never considered the security implications that may be present and why you might want a webcam cover, it might be something you should think about. Read More »

Tesla’s Cybertruck Plays Catch-Up By Copying Rival EV Trucks

Tesla boss Elon Musk confirmed the company would be updating its highly anticipated Cybertruck with a quad-motor configuration, 4-wheel steering, and a ‘crab walk’ mode we’ve recently seen on rival EV trucks. Read More »

PlayStation 5 Could Get PS2, PS3, and PSP Games with Xbox Game Pass-Like Service

I’ve always been more of a PlayStation fan, but Xbox features like Game Pass, reliable Cloud Gaming, and genuine backward compatibility are slowly moving me in the other direction. Thankfully, it looks like Sony will shape itself up in Spring of 2022 with the launch of Spartacus, a Game pass-like service that may replace PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. Read More »

Steam May Arrive on Chromebooks with Support for PC Games

Steam for Chrome OS is nearing a beta release, according to source code reviewed by Android Police. Once it launches, the Chromebook version of Steam will use a Proton compatibility layer to support PC games, much like the upcoming Steam Deck console. Read More »

Google Assistant’s Drive Mode Just Got Safer Thanks to New Shortcut

Back in September, Google released several new features to make Android Auto and Driving Mode safer and less distracting. Since then, they’ve continued to add new features to Google Assistant’s Drive Mode and now they’re making it even easier to launch with a new home screen shortcut. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE Use Kasa’s Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug to Connect Your Christmas Lights This Year
Use Kasa's Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug to Connect Your Christmas Lights This Year

If you’re planning on putting up holiday lighting around your home or yard this year, you should seriously consider connecting them to a smart Wi-Fi outdoor plug, like this one from Kasa. With it, you can control your lights (or anything else you plug into it) with voice commands through Alexa or Google Assistant; you can even set it up to turn on or off on a programmable schedule. The plug features two AC outlets, a water-resistant cover, an IP64 rating, and it can reach up to 300 feet away from a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection point.

Get it at Amazon →

Nest Doorbell Gets Holiday Ringtones, and They’re Actually Free This Year

As in previous years, Google is now rolling out five holiday-themed ringtones for Nest Doorbell products. But there are a few key changes this time around—not only are the ringtones totally free, but they’ll actually play indoors over your smart speakers or Nest Hubs. Read More »

This Software Turns Your Mac Into a Secondary Windows PC Display

Do you have an old iMac sitting around? Maybe you should turn it into an external display. The latest Lunda Display update lets you use a Mac or MacBook as a secondary display for your Windows PC, and shockingly, it supports 4K and 5K screens. Read More »


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