Turkey Brining, Cranberry Sauce Alternatives, and Black Friday Deals

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Thanks to the winter chill most people keep their homes sealed up tight for months. Now and then open the windows and let the breeze, however cold it might be, refresh the air in your home.

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November 24, 2021

Turkey Brining, Cranberry Sauce Alternatives, and Black Friday Deals 1

Tip of the Day

Thanks to the winter chill most people keep their homes sealed up tight for months. Now and then open the windows and let the breeze, however cold it might be, refresh the air in your home.


Happy Wednesday! In honor of Thanksgiving and our Hump Day camel fact tradition, here’s a sort-of-cross-over fact. You might have heard of the odd holiday dish, the “turducken”, which is a chicken, stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a turkey. There is a version of this with a camel called a “whole stuffed camel” wherein a camel is stuffed with a sheep or lamb, then chicken, and then stuffed with herbs and ingredients with the whole thing roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey. We can only imagine you’d need a big crowd for your holiday meal or a big fridge to store the leftovers.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it’s almost here! If you’re still doing a little last-minute meal planning, here’s the inside scoop on brining a turkey as well as some alternatives to cranberry sauce to try this year.

Thanksgiving means Black Friday deals and they’re already piling up. You can score a gorgeous Le Creuset Dutch oven for $200 off and get a deep discount on a Dyson vacuum if you’ve always wanted to give one a whirl. Want vacuumed floors but want it done automatically? Pick up this discounted Roomba and let the tiny trashcan lid-looking robot do it for you.

Finally a little water cooler trivia for you. On this day in 1874, Joseph Glidden filed a patent for a machine that made barbwire production automated and practical. The invention changed the face of the American West, helping delineate and fence in vast swaths of grazing land.

– Jason


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Turkey Brining, Cranberry Sauce Alternatives, and Black Friday Deals 2
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