Why Samsung should kill Bixby, insane Hulu deal, ‘Clue’ on Infinity Game Table, Pixel 6a, and more

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November 25, 2021

Why Samsung should kill Bixby, insane Hulu deal, 'Clue' on Infinity Game Table, Pixel 6a, and more 1

🦃🦃🦃First up, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 🦃🦃🦃

So. Bixby. Do you know Bixby? It’s like Alexa or Google Assistant, only Samsung flavored. Samsung really wants Bixby to be a thing, and the company has tried everything. If you owned a Galaxy S8, you probably remember the obnoxious Bixby button. But Samsung still hasn’t given up and still wants you to use Bixby, not Alexa or Google Assistant.

And it needs to stop. Like just … stop. Samsung has better things to do with its time. And so we’re here to make the case. Samsung should kill Bixby. We’ll get into all the whys and the woes—in the top story.

Other Highlights:

  • Do you have an Infinity Game Table? If so, have we got good news for you–the release date and price for Clue.
  • It’s gift-giving time, and we gathered together the best presents you can give to the readers in your life.
  • Microsoft’s Edge browser has a “super duper secure” mode now. No, really, that’s what Microsoft called it.
  • The Pixel 6 is here, and you know what that means—the Pixel 6a is coming! Here’s everything we already know.
  • … and wow, a lot more! Gobble gobble!


Why It’s Time for Samsung to Kill Bixby

Voice assistants play a significant part in everyday life. Whether it’s asking for directions, timing a meal, or setting an alarm, so you get up in the first place—Alexa, Google, or Siri, are probably involved in the process. Unsurprisingly Samsung wanted a slice of the pie, but is it wasting its time? Read More »

Sony Could Sell Swappable PS5 Faceplates—Here’s Why That’s Kind of Annoying

One of the PS5’s most interesting features is its removable faceplates, which provide access to internal components and make the console extremely easy to customize. And now, a patent filing shows that Sony could sell its own PS5 faceplates, likely with cool colors and designs. But why hasn’t any other company tried this? Read More »


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Why Samsung should kill Bixby, insane Hulu deal, 'Clue' on Infinity Game Table, Pixel 6a, and more 2

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Google Pixel 6a: Everything We Know so Far

If you’re the kind of person who waits for Google’s more affordable Pixel A-series releases, it’s time to start getting hyped for the upcoming Pixel 6a. Leaks and rumors suggest that this device will dominate the budget phone space, taking just a few minor downgrades to reach a sub-$550 price point. Here’s everything we know about the Pixel 6a so far. Read More »

Exclusive: Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Table Delivers ‘Clue’ Free on Cyber Monday

During its 2020 Kickstarter campaign, Arcade1Up mentioned that the Infinity Game Table would eventually offer Clue alongside its suite of digitized board games. And it’s finally happening—Jeff Jones, the Brand Director for Infinity Game Table, now confirms to Review Geek that Clue will arrive as a free game on Cyber Monday, November 29th. Read More »

Black Friday 2021: Best Bluetooth Headphone & Earbud Deals

It’s that time of the year again. Black Friday headphone and earbud deals are popping up everywhere, even though the main day isn’t quite here yet. Those who waited until now to snag some new headphones can find huge savings from some of the biggest names around, including Bose, Jaybird, Sony, Apple, Beats, and more. Also, don’t forget to check out our list of the Best phone deals, desktop and laptop deals, and PC accessories deals. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE These KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments Are a Must-Have for Home Chefs
These KitchenAid Stand Mixer Attachments Are a Must-Have for Home Chefs

If you really enjoy cooking, you probably have one of KitchenAid’s iconic stand mixers. But if you’re looking to up your chef game, you should also pick up some of the attachments you can use with the mixer. This four-pack of slicer and shredder attachments is a great way to quickly process foods, whether it’s food you’ll bake or toppings for taco night. Included is a slicing blade, a grind powder blade, a coarse blade, and a fine blade, but you’ll also get a food pusher. They’re made of premium stainless steel and food-grade materials and are easy to clean.

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Microsoft Edge Gets a “Super Duper Secure” Mode, Here’s How to Enable It

It’s finally here! Microsoft slipped its new “Super Duper Secure” mode in the Edge browser’s latest release, offering users a quick and easy way to defend themselves from the web’s most common exploits and vulnerabilities. But how does “Super Duper Secure” mode work, and how do you enable it? Read More »

Insane Deal: Get a Year of Hulu For Just $12

Black Friday deals are floating around everywhere right now, and we just found out that Hulu brought back one of its best Black Friday deals ever. Now through November 29th, you can get an entire year of Hulu ad-supported streaming for only $12. Read More »


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